We at U Build Trailers can supply a huge range of components for you the customer to build your own trailers, dollies etc. saving you money.


U Build Trailers can supply Road Train Dolly kits in Tandem or Tri Axle configuration, Tag or Machinery trailer frames, Pig, Skel and a variety of trays and our Enclosed Trailer components.


U Build Trailers can provide kits for any of our trailers, dollies etc in various stages, from frames only to ready to drive away.


For instance with our Dollies U Build Trailers can supply just a bare frame and pull, or we can weld on the cheek plates to complete to pivot between the two, or U Build Trailers can do all the welding and supply a complete kit comprising of an overslung 9 leaf spring suspension with axles, lead brake kit and turntable feet welded in place.  It’s unlimited to how far you would like U Build Trailers to manufacture for you.


The same goes for all of our U Build Trailers range.


So phone us, or come in and talk to our friendly staff and let us SAVE YOU money.